About SSHV

As a student who has been admitted to Hanken in Vaasa and has paid your student union fee, you are automatically a member of the Student Association at Hanken School of Economics in Vaasa.

Hanken School of Economics has been the only autonomous business school in Finland since 2009. Hanken has two campuses, one in Helsinki, founded in 1909, and the other in Vaasa, operating since 1980. The school is therefore one of the oldest business schools in the Nordic countries.

When the units in Vaasa were established, there was also a need to organize student union activities for the students in the area. This need was met by establishing a student association, the Student Association at the Swedish School of Economics and Business Administration in Vaasa, registered association.

The association, commonly referred to as SSHV, consists of over 700 members and is responsible for the activities of the student association of Hanken in Vaasa. The task of the student association includes, among other things, acting as a support organization for those studying at Hanken and monitoring the interests of the students.

The association is divided into several committees, each with different responsibilities. In addition, there are a number of officials responsible for various areas of operation. The tasks associated with SSHV are extensive, ranging from higher education policy, educational policy, student support, and study-related issues to study discounts and student cards.

The student association and all its activities are based on a voluntary basis. As an active member, you have the opportunity to connect with the business community even as a student. The positions of trust within the student association also provide students with the opportunity to establish contacts for the future, learn to organize and work in groups. In addition to this educational and useful activity, there is also an opportunity to establish important contacts with students from other universities, make new friends, have fun, and experience things that can only be experienced during one’s study period and can be enjoyed even after graduation.