Equality and harrasment


We are this year’s equality and harassment agents! We are here to help, support and move forward issues related to equality and harassment.

Our names are Camilla Lehtinen and Jonatan Ekman. We are currently members of SSHV’s board of 2020. Camilla is studying her 2nd year at Hanken majoring in Management and Organization, her post in the board is Study & Social affairs. Jonatan is studying his 1st year at Hanken and he is responsible for Information in the Board.

The student Union’s (SHS) slogan is “Finland’s most fun student union” and we are here to make sure everyone is able to feel that this is true within SSHV. No one should feel that they are being treated badly or violated in any way. All of our members are equally important and should all be treated. We strive to be a student association where everyone feels welcome.

If it seems that someone feels exposed in some way, just contact us! We want to emphasize that nothing is classified as “too small” to be addressed. You can easily reach us via Trakasseri@sshv.fi. You can email this email if you or someone you know is being harassed. Remember that everything you say to us is confidential. This means that the case is not told to anyone.

You can also always come and talk to either of us, or both, just depends on what feels best for you. You can of course also reach us on our private emails: camilla.lehtinen@sshv.fi and Jonatan.ekman@sshv.fi.

Camilla Lehtinen, Jonatan Ekman

Camilla Lehtinen
Jonatan Ekman