Equality and harrasment


We are this year’s equality and harassment agents! We are here to help, support and move forward issues related to equality and harassment.

Our names are Hanna Udd and Thomas Kaski We are currently members of SSHV’s board of 2023. . Both Hanna and Thomas are currently studying the second year at bachelor’s level with business management and organization.

The student Union’s (SHS) slogan is “Finland’s most fun student union” and we are here to make sure everyone is able to feel that this is true within SSHV. No one should feel that they are being treated badly or violated in any way. All of our members are equally important and should all be treated. We strive to be a student association where everyone feels welcome.

If it happens that someone feels exposed in any way, just take contact us! We would like to emphasize that nothing is classified as “too small” to be brought up. The easiest way to reach us is via harassment@sshv.fi. You can email to this email if you or someone you know is being offended or harassed. Remember that everything you tell us is confidential. This means that the case is not passed on to anyone, this also means that we do not tell your case to anyone else on the board. 

You can also always come and talk to either of us, or both of us, whatever feels better. You will mostly find us in the boardroom. You can also reach us through our social media (instagram: @linus.lindfors @lina.granlund) or via our personal emails: linus.lindfors@sshv.fi or lina.granlund@sshv.fi 

Linus Lindfors, Lina Granlund