Cella Nova

The Hankeit’s dear Cella Nova has not always been at the square where the students today gather for a drink in friendly company during late nights. Once upon a time, you did just have to go down to the basement in Hanken to sing sitzballads or challenge the students in caps. After a refurbishment of Hanken’s building, they unfortunately ended the fun in the basement and the student association had to seek new options. To everyone’s delight, a fitting local was found at the square, opposite to Fontana. Project “Salakapakka” was started in 2001 and according to student traditions, what the name suggests was that Cella would function as a “lönnkrog”. However, some ambitious male people thought that the premises had potential for much more. Rights to sell light alcoholic beverages were purchased and Cella was open even on days when no sitzes were arranged.

After a few years and even more events, however, the venue had been worn at the same rate as the “gulisutmanare” of the year 2006 overall during the freshman year. The Board of 2007 thought Cella deserved a huge face lift and with the property manager of that time, Christoffer Nyman at the forefront, the project began to create the place we all love to visit today. Together with the company Aveo and a large number of more or less volunteer men who sacrificed time, energy, blood, sweat, tears and spent countless hours in the room in order to open the doors of the new and so beautiful Cella Nova in the autumn of 2007. Both older students and freshmen from different schools were met by a local who could compete with every bar in Vaasa. The Hankeits had finally got a second home that they could be proud of. Thanks to additional voluntary efforts, including CC, it has been possible to arrange more than 100 events annually for both Hankeits and other people who like to party.

So next time you stumble down Cella’s stairs, look up  at the “Rich Kids Play the Best” sign for a few seconds and thank all the volunteers that enable us to enjoy each other’s company in our wonderful local. Without these person’s efforts, this wouldn’t be possible.

Cella Nova is ideal for a variety of occasions. Everything from conferences, schooling, meetings, birthdays, small weddings, corporate parties to dinner parties are possible to arrange in Cella Nova. Cella Novas equipment includes AV equipment, fully equipped kitchen, full tableware and tablecloths for 50 people, DJ equipment and wireless internet connection. You can find more information about Cella Nova at www.cellanova.fi.

For hire, the property manager Oskar Eklund, disponent@sshv.fi or +358 44 0711024 is responsible.

Övretorget 2 B
65100 Vaasa